iRest Deep Relaxation and Meditation

taught by Janet Lowndes

Course description


Welcome to the iRest Deep Relaxation and Meditation course. In this program you will have the opportunity to learn this wonderful approach which stems from the traditional teachings of Yoga Nidra, and is steeped in both ancient Yogic wisdom and modern Psychological science.

Each week for the 6 weeks of this course, you will receive a video recording with Janet describing aspects of the iRest practice, and also an audio recording of the iRest practice.

Additionally in the first week you will receive the iRest training manual, and in the final week you will received an extra audio recording of a short iRest practice for days when you're on-the-go.


All PDF documents provided in this course can be downloaded for your use.

The video sessions of the program are available as a teaching resource, which can be viewed only for the period of time you have access to the online course.

The audio recordings of the iRest practices can be downloaded (as MP3 files) each week from the course page, so you can then keep them for your future use.


Please pay attention to your own responses to these practices and take care of yourself - adjusting the practice if necessary to suit your own needs. If you have any concerns about your personal responses please stop the practice and make contact with the course facilitator or your own mental health professional.

Janet Lowndes
Janet Lowndes
Psychologist, Certified Yoga Therapist

Janet Lowndes is a Psychologist and Certified Yoga Therapist integrating perspectives from yoga and psychology, to provide strategies which are safe, effective, and accessible.

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